Trynke R. de Jong, PhD


I am a behavioral neuroendocrinologist, researching the interactions between reproduction and stress, anxiety and depression in a variety of animal models. Click to see my full CV and list of publications.

The main topics I studied (past and present) include:

-The role of 5-HT and oxytocine in male and female rat sexual behavior, interactions with depression/anxiety [Neumann Lab, Olivier Lab]

-Effects of reproductive state and chronic stress on paternal behavior in male California mice (Peromyscus californicus) [Saltzman Lab]

For my experiments, I (mainly) use the following techniques:

-Psychopharmacological tools (systemic and central administration of psychoactive compounds, characterization of behavioral effects)

-Neuroanatomical tools (IHC, ISH)

-Hormone/neuropeptide measurements in blood plasma and CSF/ECF


About Me


Trynke de Jong


Postdoctoral Fellow


Neurobiology and Animal Physiology


University of Regensburg, Germany